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The AAPG is an association of police commissions and policing committees from across the province. Police commissions provide governance and oversight to municipal police services, while policing committees oversee local RCMP detachments. The people who are appointed to police commissions and policing committees are citizens representing the interests of their community, and a few of them are members of city and/or town council. Together, they provide civilian governance and oversight of the police. Learn More About AAPG


Vancouver Police Release Mental Health Strategy

(Announcement - Aug 13, 2016) July 8, 2016 Vancouver - The Vancouver Police Department is releasing its Mental Health Strategy, sharing a comprehensive approach for a proportional police response to people living with mental illness. Over the past five...

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Liberals warned that legal pot may mean more impaired driving

(News Article - Aug 11, 2016) Limited data from Colorado and Washington suggest a significant increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths. OTTAWA — Before proceeding with its pot-legalization agenda next spring, the Liberal government is promising to tackle...

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